Compact family handy and versatile

P28.8 and P32.6: 101 HP for maximum performance and versatility

The P28.8.and P32.6 models in the Compact family are also designed for work on
farms, animal farms, poultry breeders and nurseries, as well as fruit-growers,
municipal utilities. The P28.8 and P32.6 models are equipped with Tier 4 Interim
engines with electronic control at 74.5kW/101HP, Max torque 325 Nm at 1500
rpm. They cover handling tasks of up to 3.2 tonnes (P.32.6), load lifting up to
heights of 8 metres (P.28.8) with a towing capacity of 19 tonnes in maximum
safety, thanks to hydraulic or pneumatic trailer braking.